A Year in Google Search – 2021

Every year Google releases their ‘Year in Search’ review which is an accumulation of the highest searched topics throughout the year across a number of categories. This type of data is available as far back as 2011 and with that, 2021 marks the 10th year of such analysis being available for the public. The beauty of this review is that it goes beyond the global viewpoint. Instead, the option to drill down and analyse the trends of a specific country makes the tool very interesting from a comparative perspective.

The top searches are categorised into a number of sections; overall search, how to’s, people, recipes, television and movies. Have a look at the findings below and see how many you might have searched throughout 2021.



What’s particularly interesting is the video Google releases that accompany the annual analysis. Every year I’m reminded of a significant event that took place at the beginning of the previous year and think “ahh, remember that!”

A Year in Search Video – 2021

In general Google trends are very useful to use daily/weekly rather than just annually. The analysis is real-time and can be used to spot marketing opportunities/topics/headlines that are emerging within your area of business. Another key function of Google Trends is that you can compare search demand based on indexes throughout the year.

Exercise: Consider your most dominant search keyword, analyse the particular point of 2021 when this search term peaked, then look at the same search term throughout 2020 to see how it compares and what can you learn?

Here is the search term “web design” looks:


Looking at the above chart I can observe that the search term [web design] was searched at a greater demand in 2020 than in 2021. The peak in 2020 was the first week in August while in 2021 it was in May.

If you are unsure how to use this feel free to touch base.

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